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Statistical properties of algorithms for analysis of cell images (IBC's Inaugural High-Content Analysis Conference, 2005)

Comparison of several classes of algorithms for cytoplasm to nucleus translocation - SBS2005 (Society for Biomolecular Screening 11-th Annual Conference, 2005)

Confocal-vs.-Widefield for Cytoplasm-to-Nucleus Translocation

When More Images Do Not Give Better Data - a Cytoplasm-to-Nucleus Translocation Study

Surface Coating and Cytoplasm-to-Nucleus Translocation

Image analysis without segmentation - A new method to measure cytoplasm to nucleus translocation

Quality Measures for Imaging-based Cellular Assays SBS2004 (Society for Biomolecular Screening 10-th Annual Conference, 2004)

Preliminary Work on a Standard for Controlling Microscopes (Photonics West 2000, Conference 3921A Advanced Techniques in Analytical Cytology IV)