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US 7,557,070  "Multiplexed cell analysis system"

US 7,381,375  "Assay systems with adjustable fluid communication"

US 7,338,773  "Multiplexed assays of cell migration"

US 7,253,435  "Particles with light-polarizing codes"

US 6,908,737  "Systems and methods of conducting multiplexed experiments"

GB 20020384777A  "Multiplexed cell analysis system"

US 6,633,662  "Identification of objects of interest using multiple illumination schemes and finding overlap of features in corresponding multiple images"

US 5,254,845  "Automatic focusing system using focal length-changing element"

UA20210397870 "Systems and methods for computing the contributions of autofluorescence in multichannel image"

UA20180232904 "Detection of Risky Objects in Image Frames"

UA20080219542  "Systems for characterizing localization in biological cells"

UA20050186554A1  "Image analysis and assay system"

UA20030129654NA  "Coded particles for multiplexed analysis of biological samples"