Data and Image Analysis Special Interest Group Meeting,

SBS 14th Conference St. Louis, Missouri

Tuesday, April 9 2008


1. Kurt Scudder, co-chair, D&IA SIG

    Review of Data Interchange Standards efforts and Future Plans

2. Kurt Scudder, co-chair, D&IA SIG

    The ISAC Draft Requirements for Cytometry and Analytical Cytology a starting point for an HCA Requirements Document

    from ISAC Data Standards Task Force - Requirements for a data file standard format to describe cytometry and related analytical cytology data

3. Mark Collins, ThermoFisher

    Draft Requirements for an HCS Standard


2. Kurt Scudder, co-chair, D&IA SIG

    Final report after the meeting



If you would like to be on the Standard Committee or nominate somebody else, please, send email to D&IA SIG co-chairmen Kurt Scudder and/or Ilya Ravkin.

Resources Related to Image and Data Exchange Standard for HCS/HCA